Case Studies

Adidas Build Brand Loyalty with Exciting New Software for Flash Drives

“This technology is like one-to-one marketing on steroids,” says Adidas marketing manager. He’s talking about the latest idea in promotional products: software that “brands the inside” of a flash drive by offering a custom-designed interface that includes a client’s logo, colors and corporate messaging. Called StickyDrive™, this software offers useful functionality that ensures people will keep using the flash drive, each time receiving brand impressions of the company that give it to them.

“This unique product has been on the market for just over a year and is poised to explode,” said the sales representative that provided the product for Adidas. The StickyDrives were sold to Adidas for a marketing sponsorship they have with an elite group of 32 soccer teams across the U.S.

The drive contained:

  • icon with self-contained MP3 player and 13 team songs
  • video feed from the U.S. Youth Soccer website
  • links to special web pages of U.S. Youth Soccer
  • menu with pull-down topics of interest to recipients, such as team scores
  • a mystery link to a special soccer page on the Adidas web site.

The proprietary software recognizes file extensions and automatically places the user’s files into the appropriate music, video or document categories. So recipients use the flash drive over and over again, each time being exposed to the customer’s branded messaging. Clients can even embed their own videos on the drive for users to access.While it’s a handy gift for the target audience, it offers even bigger benefits to the customer. They can trace such metrics as the number of active drives in use, the number of times people hit their web site using the drive, etc. Customers can even place new, updated content out on drives that have already been handed out to users!

The markets are unlimited: that any companies with time-sensitive updates or a need to communicate large amounts of information to a network of resellers or dealers are perfect candidates.

Only one year old as a company, StickyDrive has landed orders from the biggest names including

IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Boeing, BWM, Amgen, Merck, and many others.