StickyDrive one part of Sticky Enterprises, home of world class developers experienced with some of the largest corporations around the world. We help you to build a solution to address your technical needs within the context of the people and processes that drive your business. We couple our technical expertise with your product management teams to extend the value of your invested capital while accelerating your product delivery. We provide expertise across a variety of technical domains.

Web Application Development

We are an expert provider of professional web application design, development, and content presentation services. We offer a complete range of cost-effective application development solutions, whether you are a small business looking for a tailor-made application to support your operations, a startup seeking to develop your new web-based application, or a large firm seeking specialized technical expertise to supplement your existing team.

Widget Development

Widgets are Web-based programs which run right from the desktop, Web browser, mobile device, or other web- connected platform. Widgets effectively leverage your API and other data feeds to deliver real-time information and allow for real-time interaction with your business. Our team has deep expertise in the area of widget application development, having designed interactive and visually compelling widgets across a variety of platforms for top consumer-facing Web 2.0 firms.

API (Application Programming Interface) Development

Today’s business applications rely increasingly on the extensibility and availability of Internet-enabled access to information across multiple systems in multiple environments. We offer API development services, allowing your important information to be more easily and securely shared with customers, employees, vendors, and other important groups.

Mobile Application Development

We develop applications and operating systems for mobile and tablet-based platforms. We have deployed software for the Apple iPhone, the Android operating system, and for consumer flash drives that have reached millions of consumers worldwide. Visit our mobile application site at www.stickymobileapps.com.

Interactive Multimedia

Our team has deep expertise in Flash ActionScript code development. The Company has developed interactive training tools for Adobe, animated product overviews, and numerous customized video players for some of the world’s most recognized brands