Document Management

Files, forms, presentations, videos, press releases, price lists…..the age of information can be overwhelming to manage. With so many digital documents and materials needed and it’s no wonder why so many people are struggling just to keep the tools they need to do their job current.

Most companies have provided websites for employees, customers, vendors, and other to visit and find current materials, however, the problem is that once downloaded for use, there is rarely a method to advise a person that something has changed and they need to newer version. And because the internet is not always available or accessible from afar, even access to materials can be difficult. Hence, over and over people are using incorrect tools to do their job.

Document management through a StickyDrive solves this problem. When plugged into a computer, the StickyDrive connects to a server and determines if the files stored on the flash drive and the most current….and if not, they are automatically replaced thus eliminating the need to continually check for newer versions of the tools employees, customers, and vendors need to do their job.