Mission / Vision

We started development of our technology in early 2005. After almost two years and many hours of dedication from our software engineers, the company completed a software product designed for the promotional products industry called StickyDriveâ„¢. The company introduced the product in late 2006 and has spent time educating the market. We have continued to grow over the years and have been honored with contracts from many large companies including Microsoft, Boeing, Merck, IBM, Cisco, Intel, and many others. StickyDrive technology is a paradigm shift incorporating software technology into portable memory devices used by millions of people every day!

The vision of StickyDrive goes back to the original concept of the company. We believe that as memory, particularly flash memory, becomes faster larger and less expensive, the opportunities for functionality with software inside memory will become increasingly valuable. Software takes the commodity out of memory.

The bigger picture:

StickyDrive is founded on the premise that portable mass storage (USB flash drives, SD cards, even cell phones) are becoming much larger in capacity and much less expensive on almost a daily basis. Our company knows that consumers, business people, and students are much more mobile than ever before, desiring their data to be available when and wherever they want it.

The problem is that this blank memory lacks intelligence and personalization. Hence a StickyDrive, a memory product with a self-contained program a residing in the memory device. Our client application inside the StickyDrive presents a useful and intuitive graphical user interface that can be designed to meet the imagery and functionality requirements of our customers. When an internet connection is present, the application communicates with a secure server enabling new content, interface updates, new documents, music, photos, or any file types to be delivered or uploaded from server to device or vice versa.

Ultimately as the cloud applications and storage become more prevalent, the need for simple portable storage that quickly connects a user to their files in their pocket, and their applications/storage online makes sense. USB Flash Drives, SD Cards, even cell phones used a storage devices interfacing with computers may replace the need to carry laptops.

Currently, over 40 million flash drives are sold each month. Most middle school students in the US are now required to have flash drives to turn in homework. More people than ever before are carrying massive amounts of data with them in portable memory. All this memory eventually interfaces with a computer. StickyDrive just thinks that when this occurs, something smarter and more useful than "Open with yellow folders" should occur. StickyDrives exist to address this reality.