New Employees

Every leader will tell you that their employees are one of their most valuable assets, yet all over the world companies struggle to provide a new employee with the education, information, and tools to start their life of adding value to their employer. Simply stated, it is time consuming and expensive to really do the job right.

Giving a StickyDrive to your new employee (or entering college student) can assure that everyone receives the same information and materials on the company history, benefits, and policies. Plus, using StickyDrive tracking reports, the Human Resources Department has a record of everyone meeting required training or policy review.

Video on the history of the company, vision of the founder, mission statement to work by, application or education on company benefits, other employee testimonials welcoming employees…..the list goes on.

Sending your new employee a StickyDrive might be the least expensive education and introduction you could imagine – plus provides them a great device to start storing their company materials.